Control PYTHONPATH with unity_houdini.env

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Hey all,

I was wondering if it's possible to control other environment variables (not houdini specific) in the unity_houdini.env. If your hda relies on a python library and you want to distribute it, it would be nice to be able to add they python paths to the unity_houdini.env. I tried PYTHONPATH which I use from my normal houdini.env, but houdini engine in unity didn't seem to read it. It got the hda search paths just fine.

The docs say “The environment file unity_houdini.env is in fact same as the traditional houdini.env file” but it doesn't seem to catch my PYTHONPATH adjustment. The same thing works fine in unity if I add it to the traditional houdini.env.

My unity_houdini.env looks like this:
PYTHONPATH = “W:/Work/PipeTest;&”
HEU_ENVPATH_ADD_HOUDINI_PATH = “W:/Work/Houdini;W:/Work/PipeTest;”

I tried adding the “HEU_ENVPATH_” on the beginning but that didn't change anything. Is there some syntax I have to use or is it just not possible? Any thoughts?

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