Binded Events won't fire.

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I can't get any of my custom event fired when I bind it to Houdini Wrapper in Blueprints.

SideFx example is working.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Open SideFx example "/HoudiniEngine/Examples/EUA/EUA_CurveInputExample"
2. Bind/Assign your own Custom Event on PostProcess Delegate (for example).
3. Drop "EUA_CurveInputExample" BP on level.
4. Hit "Run Curve Input Example" button in Details of this BP.
5. Move any point of Curve.

Result: You will get original Event fired, but never - your Custom one.

Also - you can see the different icons on Event.

How can I make it work?
Thank you!

DelegatesBug.png (109.3 KB)
DelegatesBug2.png (201.4 KB)

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