Ocean waves node issue

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Hi guys, does anyone have this issue that I'm having and know how to fix it?

Basically there's a wave that will not move at all when I try to use the oceans wave node. I have attached images showing this below.

The wave itself will move in like terms of variance but not in any direction nor dissipate.

I don't know if I'm just being stupid or if this a glitch, I have tried using this node in other files and it still doesn't work.

If anyone knows what the issue is and could give some suggestions I would be extremely grateful.

Also the version I'm using is 19.5.605 (education edition) if that helps at all

Screenshot from 2023-11-21 19-50-21.png (733.2 KB)
Screenshot from 2023-11-21 19-55-28.png (637.3 KB)

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