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  • Uk-based content agency with Portland office is looking to build a small team to create 3D Anamorphic Billboard animations using existing modelled and lookdev'd assets. (Please Google 3D Anamorphic Billboards if you're not sure what these are.)
  • Involves a few core shots 3-4 and many adaptation output deliverables (50+) for different screen formats ranging from 15-30 seconds in length.
  • Camera, lighting, rendering and some basic comp and FX will be required.
  • We require one strong lead with good technical skills who can oversee a smaller team of artists while also producing content
  • We also require a small team of artists to help produce the content and iterate adaptations.
  • Must be legally able to contract to work in UK or US
  • Rates to be discussed
  • Work to commence asap and deliver on a rolling basis between early April and end of May.
Please contact Toby Roberts <toby.roberts@happyfinish.com> with a link to your reel, your availability, and your CV/IMDB/LinkedIn profile.
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