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I'm looking for a way to create a setup that behaves like metaball but on curves, so basically my idea is to create a setup like in the reference images, where I scatter random points and copy circle shapes to points that have a pscale set based on the distance to a closest point to avoid intersection, and these circles are somehow combined with a distort form between them, like in metaball. I am very curious how you would approach something like this and thank you in advance for any advice!

In the attachment I'm sharing the images I found in simillar setup but done in Rhino.

5f725a527bbd4c575b17012edadde2cd159c21f2_2_582x500.jpg (109.4 KB)
97214b5e3de64d8889ca08af78859aff2aeb361c.png (8.8 KB)
ddc05b8c3d3e9dfff6af9f210029fdf00efe2706_2_690x449.png (36.3 KB)

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Maybe something like this?

metaballFlat.hip (220.6 KB)

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