Work item state wrong when ropfetch->fetch->rop

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I am running into an issue where work items inaccurate display their state under specific circumstances. I am in h19.5 and my PDG `ropfetch` is set to run all frames in a single batch (for a simulation). That `ropfetch` references a `merge` node in `out` context, which bundles some other nodes (screenshot attached).

When I cook the range from 1-100, I get 100 work items but only the first one shows that its evaluating. The others are waiting. As I am running a per frame cache, I can see and load the frames that are done and PDG actually does render these work items, but it does not update the state in Houdini until all of them are done. This is in contrast to the labs `filecache` node for example. I verified that when my `ropfetch` looks at a `rop_alembic` or `rop_geometry` (like the `filecache` does), it displays the items accurately.

My question is, am I missing some parms on the intermediate ROP nodes to propagate the progress? Or is this a bug?

Any insights are appreciated!


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