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I'm trying to figure the logic behind the Houdini constraints CHOP.

When I constraint a Null to the 2nd bone of a hierarchy of 2 bones, it jumps to the base of the bone. And by default nothing happens when I rotate that particular bone.

One would expect the Null to follow the rotation of the bone, right ?

But strangely enough the constraint only starts working when I either set the Channel Range to "full animation range", or "start end" inside the constraints CHOP network.

Or when I rotate the 1st bone without changing the Channel Range at all.

As if translate constraints is set to "full animation range" by default, but rotation doesn't react at all unless the parent is rotated or the default setting is changed to something else then "current frame".

Which is a silly default setting anyhow if you ask me...

But does anyone know whats the logic behind this, or is it yet another bug ?
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