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Stacking hair strand control July 3, 2019, 12:57 p.m.

OK, thanks for explaining the rules; happy feelings only, and mention any problems to no other than Support. Got it…

In the short time I've been trying to switch to Houdini I've reported my share of RFE's and ran into several confirmed bugs.
But I thought a forum like this could also be a perfect place get help as a newbie before wasting supports time. And sometimes I mention my real experiences in the flow of a “conversation”, so someone can point out that I might be using a wrong setting, never encountered that specific issue, or that some things always happen on a Wednesday :-) Wouldn't that be great ?

Food for thought ;-)

Still curious as to what nonsense I was talking though.

Stacking hair strand control July 3, 2019, 11:55 a.m.

Huh ?! Enlighten me, what non-sense am I talking ?

I can only report my own experiences with Houdini, and they have been frustrating very often so far. But maybe it's my Dutch bluntness, and I should sugarcoat my frustration a bit more :-)

Stacking hair strand control July 3, 2019, 10:24 a.m.

Yes, a Groombear, that's what I want for my birthday :-)

I've been fumbling with hair in Houdini, but so far it doesn't look very promising. The grooming tools out of the box are just too frustrating to work with, they look broken to me, sometimes the groom brushes simply refuse to work. And most of the time they make the hair end up on the wrong side of the surface.

I suspect I'll end up still grooming in Softimage something like Blender and import the guides.

How would you do that ? I looked into it, but couldn't figure how to control one guide groom with another.

I created 2 Guide Grooms, one from points and a denser one from skin.

Then I want to control the dense groom with the sparse one.

But I see a “Source Mode” where I'd expect I have to select a control groom to do that, but it's is greyed out. Wouldn't know how to enable it.
Also tried several nodes inside the groom SOP to plug in the sparse groom, but so far no luck. ( I presume it's a SOP, still getting used to the naming conventions in Houdini )