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Focus and camera / viewport control June 16, 2019, 7:24 a.m.

Hey thanks DaJuice.

This seems to explain some of the strange behaviour I experienced.

So if I understand correctly, the equivalent of Maya's or Softimage's F key is is by default separated into 2 Hotkeys in Houdini. One to place the camera ( Space + G ) and one to place the “tumble pivot” with Space + Z ?

What's the advantage of this ? Why not simplify it and make it behave as predictable as in Soft or Maya ?


Hotkey confusion June 16, 2019, 4:40 a.m.


I've been trying to figure some hotkeys in Houdini, or keyboard shortcuts as some people call them.

Somehow my hotkeys seem to be messed up, or at least different hotkeys are mentioned in different places that don't seem to correspond with the ones that actually work. And some functions seem to work differently when I use the hotkey, or click the corresponding menu.

For instance:

- In my 3D viewport dropdown menu ( Persp > Frame > Frame selected ) it states this function is assigned to the F key. But when I hit the F key on my keyboard nothing happens. In fact I have to “Home Selected” with “Space + G” . But when I press “Space + G” it actually centers the geometry, and when I use the drop down menu ( persp > home > home selected ) to access the same function, it seems to work like “home all” . So it frames or homes all objects.

And when I LMB click on “Persp > Frame > Frame Selected” it also frames all geometry in my viewport. Just like when I click “Home Selected”.

- According to the 3D viewport dropdown menu “Persp > Home > Home Selected” should be assigned to “Shift + H or G”. But both those hotkeys don't work in my viewport.
Clicking the menu works just fine, but seems to do the same as “Frame Selected”.

So I downloaded this Keyboard Shortcut list ( [] ) to check what's what. On his list the “n” key should “select all”. But nothing happens when I press N. I have to use A to select all.

But selecting none should be assigned to “Shift + N” according to my Hotkey Manager. But in fact no hotkey seems to work for “Select None” ( according to the Hotkey Manager it should be “Shift + N”.

BTW what is the difference between “home- ” and “frame selected” ? It seems that “Home Selected” also adjusts the camera rotation in the perspective view, and “Frame Selected” does not.
In fact both seem to do exactly the same in the Ortographic views ( Top Right Left etc.). But I'm sure there's a reason for both functions being available. And why is there only a hotkey for “Home Selected”and not for “Frame Selected” ?

I prefer the F key to frame of home selected, so I tried changing that in the Hotkey prefs, but somehow that doesn't seem to work as well.

Working on a Win 7 PC / Houdini 17.5 btw.



Focus and camera / viewport control June 14, 2019, 5:20 a.m.

oh, just figured there's a “frame selected” in the viewport menu that sometimes seems to do the same as “space+g” and works just as flaky.

It says it should work with “F” hotkey, but that doesn't work at all ( also “Shift f” doesn't ).