Artwork by Andriy Bilichenko


Lots of improvements such as the new Ripple solver and Rigid Body Cone Twist handles enhance the quality-of-life for FX artists.

Rigid Body Dynamics

Enhancements to the Rigid Body tools include a new Cone Twist interface and support for Curved Glass with Material Fracturing. In addition, occlusion for wind forces is now supported. 

RBD Cone Twist

RBD Curved Glass

Wind Break

New Solvers

From a solver that handles bubble interactions and a ripple solver that can make puddles or simulate a sonic blast hitting a character, Houdini 20 offers practical solutions for VFX artists. 


Content Library

Ripple Solver

Content Library

Pyro FX

Houdini 20 includes an updated Loop tool as part of SideFX Labs which is ideal for preparing effects for realtime. There is also better access to Open CL for more technical solutions. 

Labs Loop

Open CL Snippets


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