Artwork by Andriy Bilichenko


New Cloud tools combine with terrain and ocean tools to create complete environments for your movies and video games.

Cloud Tools

Houdini 20 comes with a completely new cloud system which you can use to sculpt individual clouds or set up Sky Boxes for covering the complete sky. 

Create Clouds

Shape Clouds

Cloud LookDev

Generate cloud shapes using spheres, lines and other shapes then add noise and prepare for rendering. These clouds tools are designed to be visualized in the viewport and new materials allow for efficient rendering with Karma.



Cloud Shader

Machine Learning Terrain

This ONNX Machine Learning Terrain demo starts with the creation of an ML model that is then used directly in Houdini. This demo is built with exploration in mind. Plug in your own terrain erosion HDAs, or heightfield patterns. Use higher or lower resolution to compare results. Test against massive terrains, or work with small finely tuned details. 

Content Library

SideFX Labs

The SideFX Labs team has long term plans for a suite of terrain tools. With Houdini 20, they are releasing some of these tools designed to build roads on tiled Terrains and to set up Biomes. There is also an updated Mapbox node with support for seamless tiling.





New tools include generating whitewater at the SOP level and an Ocean procedural for rendering more efficiently.

SOP-level White Water
Igor Zanic
Ocean Procedural


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