Artwork by Andriy Bilichenko


Explore APEX, a brand new KineFX context designed to deliver an animator-friendly environment that is built using a robust procedural rigging toolset.

APEX is being released in BETA with Houdini 20.

KineFX | APEX Animate

Animators will work with the new APEX Animate node to load the KineFX rigs that are built using APEX and use the controls to set keyframes. Selection sets and Locators let you quickly block out a shot while Animation sliders help you manage in-between motion.

Selection Sets


Animation Sliders

Animator Workflow

This new suite of tools is designed to help you animate more efficiently.
This ensures a fluid viewport-centric experience that can handle multiple characters at once.



Reference Video

Curve Graph Enhancements

Dynamic Motion

Add more realistic motion to characters and props with Dynamic Motion and Ragdoll tools. Now animators can incorporate real physics into their work with complete control throughout the process.

Dynamic Jump

Dynamic Soccer Ball


KineFX | Rigging 

Powered by APEX

KineFX brought Houdini rigging to the geometry level where joints are treated like geometry. At first, VEX was used to add kinematics to these characters but this proved inefficient for complex rigs. APEX is a new mid-level graph type that can manipulate geometry as data alongside smaller types like matrices and vectors. This provides a procedural rigging framework that comes with a significant performance boost which ensures a better experience for animators.

Introducing APEX

Everything Geometry

Rig Hierarchy

Rigging Workflow

The new APEX node graph turns all parts of the rig into actual geometry that is stored with your character. The graph can be built up using rig components to define kinematics, control geometry and joint rotations. The APEX rigs integrate well with KineFX workflows such as retargeting and motion editing.

Node Graph

Rig Components

Retarget Workflow

Motion Editing

Artwork by Od Studios

Electra & Od Studios Rigs

The Electra rig comes with Houdini as test geometry and the Luchador & Chicken can be found in the Content Library. These rigs let you experience KineFX's new APEX system - both as an animator and as a rigger. The Luchador & Chicken were created by Od Studios in partnership with SideFX.

Download from Content Library

Starter Rigs

Od Studios Rig Overview


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