Artwork by Andriy Bilichenko


Check out the new Feather tools which complement the fur, cloth, muscles, and crowd tools available for CFX artists.

Andriy Bilichenko


Houdini’s feather system lets you create large amounts of realistic and highly detailed feathers. Tools are available for look development, shaping, texturing and grooming, along with simulation and rendering. A wide variety of nodes and attributes help you to design, modify and customize the feathers to your exact needs. The feather system is GPU-accelerated.

Feathers Intro

Create Feathers

Feather Grooming & Lookdev

Grooming tools let you easily shape and style the feathers using the same techniques used to groom hair and fur.

Paint Mask


Vulkan Viewport

Karma XPU

Hair & Fur Shader

The Hair shader has been enhanced to work with Karma XPU.  This shader creates a more accurate look for your creatures. You can now render more kinds of fur especially to achieve a soft fluffy look. This shader also works well with feathers.

Karma XPU Fur

Muscles & Skin

The Muscles & Skin system allows you to bring in modeled polygonal geometry, generate a multilayered simulation that mimics realistic muscle movements and skin effects from that geometry, and then export the simulation to your high-resolution geometry for integration into your shots. 


Machine Learning Deformer

Content Library


Crowds can now be set up at the geometry [SOP] level using a suite of new tools. The Crowds MotionPath tools allows you quickly make changes to the motion path or the animation of a small number of agents without the need to re-simulate the entire crowd.

Crowd Paths

Sticky Collisions


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