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Karma XPU is production-ready and works with new Solaris tools such as the Material Linker, Material X Galleries and Shot Clones.


The ability to access the speed of the GPU to render with Karma was introduced with the last Houdini release. Now Karma XPU is production-ready as it reaches feature parity with Karma CPU in key areas and integrates well with the Solaris lookdev and lighting environment.

Parity with Karma CPU

Uniform Volumes

Volume Snow
Thomas Klyhn Christensen

Karma XPU Highlight Reel

XPU Features

Here are a few of the new features in Karma XPU that bring it up to the same level as Karma CPU.

Rounded Edges/Dirt Map

Deep Images

Point Clouds


Physical Sky Light

Portals on Dome Light

Geometry Lights

IES Lights

High Resolution Textures

Light Filter Shaders

Bezier Curves

Fur Material

ACES: Texture Color Space

Uniform Volume Geometry

Pyro Shader for Volumes

Demand loaded textures with Eviction

Absorption and Nested Dielectrics

HdCoordSystem support for shaders

Automatic texture optimization

Per-instance property overrides

Render Stats

When working in production, information about every aspect of the rendering process can help you make key decisions.  Houdini and Karma will now send critical information to the Render Stats panel or to a detailed HTML report.

Materials & Textures

With Karma XPU Material X is used to build shaders for your scenes. Through the Material Linker in Solaris you now have access to a Gallery of materials that can be applied with a drag and drop interface.

Material Linker | Gallery
 Room Map

Solaris Clone Workflow

While rendering in Solaris, you can now create clone processes for different cameras, shots or even points in time. These clones can be rendered locally or on the render farm and allow for fast parallel processing for quick evaluation of key aspects of your scene.

Clone Cameras

Clone Shots

Clone Time

KARMA | Licensing

Since Karma can work both inside Houdini and as a Hydra delegate in other USD-based applications, SideFX is bundling licenses with Houdini Core and FX for FREE* with an annual $195 USD rental cost for extra licenses.  

Note: The bundled licenses can be used BOTH locally and on your render farm/cloud.

This new price took effect on Jan 1, 2024. Speak to your Account Manager about volume pricing.

* With perpetual licenses, bundled tokens are available as long as AUP is active.
If AUP expires then these tokens are no longer available.

Houdini FX/CORE Workstation
5 Karma Tokens

10 Karma Tokens*

Extra Tokens
$195 USD Annual Rental
Volume Pricing Available


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