It's my new Marble Machine with a ball pathway along 3 differents world, each world calculated separately and assembled in the video editing.
All objects modeling, animations, simulation, camera paths, have been made with Houdini v18.5.672
This time I really try to optimize the calculation time of the Rigid Body simulation, and it's almost in real time with my AMD Ryzen 9 3900X...

As always I used REDSHIFT v3.0.53 to render, and of course with the NVIDIA Optix Denoiser to speed up rendering process !
To render the 1350 frames, my two graphic cards (RTX3090 + RTX2080Ti) took around 8 hours...

I hope you like this video !

Montluçon | France

Freelance - 3D animations & images creation - Simulation FX & Motion Design


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