Hi everybody ! This is my new short video : Thousand of Balls Flooding a Scifi Corridor ! With some parts in Slow Motion and a very cool (explosive…) end !

Video Editing made with Premiere Pro and the Rigid Body Simulation has calculated with Houdini 18.5.408 in not so long time : only 2 hours with my Ryzen 9 3900X…

Render times weren’t so long, around 30 hours for 3600 frames (there are 3 cameras) in FullHD with Redshift (v3.0.35 for now). With my new RTX duo (3090 + 2080Ti) cards, “only” an average of 35s per frame in FullHD !

Enjoy !

Montluçon | France

Freelance - 3D animations & images creation - Simulation FX & Motion Design


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