Hi everybody

Another practice with Houdini and For explanation , I endeavoured to utilize a couple of functions and Expressions for conveying color attribute between the models and for this reason and with approach , I succeeded to create this effect in Houdini . Furthermore , this short scene is rendered with Mantra .

I hope enjoy it and I am willing to thanks Sadjad Rabiee and his precious rudimentary tutorial .

Faithfully yours

Iran, Islamic Republic of

Hello dears I am a tiny 3D generalist in this gigantic graphic galaxy with a rudimentary knowledge about the gripping world . My main software is 3DsMax but I am firm believer that , this software had not efficient influences in these years so it is better I alter my main software as soon as possible . For this reason I took a controversial decision to perform this and selected Houdini . I express the idea that , the best choice for generating all kind of virtual effects in divers a wide range of field like Game , advertisement , TV and movies is Houdini . In contrast , if I wand honestly speaking ,I should say , it is absolutely different compared with 3DsMax , because Houdini has contemporary core and profit with varied a wide variety of interior coding languages and lead to diversity and of course predicaments .These such hardships are appealing for most artists in this field and it is naturally so I also enjoy these issues . faithfully yours


  • Sadjad Rabiee 5 years, 8 months ago  | 

    Good job Pezhmaan, Keep going :)

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