Crop Circles

This image shows a Cornfield consistent of 15 different high end plants, each plant has a set of PBR textures including Normals and Translucency. I created a height-field and randomly placed those 15 plants 600 thousand times. To make it work i converted the plants to USD and used the packed primitive option in Houdini to scatter them. I also added a Crop Circle system to bend the plants Normal direction. A Vellum system simulation took care to bend all leafs of each plant into the bending position. What you see in the Frame are up to 11,6 Billion Poly's at render time (excluding the displacement of the soil which uses a 30k map and probably on 4k has up to 100 million polys). First time to pixel was ~5 Minutes image was rendered with 64 max samples and Depth of Field with F8 from different perspectives. The final images are edited on cryptomatte basis in Fusion Studio.


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