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A little collection of my works in from 2011 - 2013
I´m free for freelancer jobs, please contact me at:



Experienced FX TD with many years of expertise. Today he is a "Houdini guy", with very strong focus on procedural FX, fluid, fire, cloth, crowd, explosion, destruction simulation and all sorts of complex effects. (including rendering) http://www.imdb.com/name/nm5726960/bio?ref_=nm_ov_bio_sm Short Bio: Rod professional background was in old Microsoft Softimage 3D 3.7 running on SGI IRIX systems, after this become Maya TD (creating famous legacy mzFeather tool) and when Avid acquire Softimage XSI and go gold on v4.0 he migrated back to XSI . Years after, he specialize in Visual FX, and start to study ICE (Softimage procedural effects), and finally go to SideFX HOUDINI as major platform for all sort of complex visual effects works. I work as freelancer, so if you Interested in my work, please feel free to send me message! Let´s work together! rod.vfx.td@gmail.com

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