Houdini Cloud Lighting Baker

Let's be frank the most annoying part when it comes to clouds it to be able to render them fast and clean without noise or flicker, well your wish becomes true.
I developed a light baker tool that can store lighting information to voxels (isn't that amazing). It uses two light sources:
- A main one which will act as a sun.
- Secondary one for ambient light (let's say a bluish sky).
And as you can see in the video it's so easy and straight forward to use.




My name is Alaa Al Nahlawi ( علاء النحلاوي ) from Syria with more than ten years of experience which spread over multiple graphic design fields, and I love what I do. I like to consider myself as a VFX TD, it turns out that setting things on fire or wreck them down is one of my hobbies, additionally I really enjoy solving problems. I mainly work with Houdini and 3ds max they are my bread and butter.

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