Nature is coming back

This project started with the title Tree Fun, but ended up into a very long process of trial and error. Extending and correcting Smartphone based Footage is a very complex and very hard work. 70% of the time was spend in Compositing or testing of different methods to come closer to my idea. The entire making took about 2 month.
Everything was made in Houdini except some of the model contributions.
All main 3d elements, like the gras, trees and other foreground elements where rendered in one single render operation within Renderman for Houdini. I have used Renderman Lpe's to output those 40+ beauty and data passes like cryptomatte.
The average rendertime of all elements within Renderman was 19 minutes per frame on 2.5k. All Frames where rendered on and their awesome affordable and fast renderengine.
I was really suprised how fast the renderprocess was and how long the compositing process took in the end.
All elements are composed in Fusion Studio 16, the entire Network has over 500 main and subnodes in multiple groups.
The final average rendertime of the uncached compositing network in Fusion was 53 seconds per frame.
I am glad that the project is finished..Tutorials for Houdini Renderman and Fusion will follow.
Addional Credits and Thank You:
Marc Chevry - Ivy Taming
Rohan Dalvi ( procedural flower asset )
Zuendholz ( bird model from Blendswap CC-0)
eijei1951 ( "Victorian House" from Blendswap CC-BY)
Thanks for advice tips, support and Test-viewing to Ihab Ali, Miguel Mendes, Timucin Ozger, Roman Szczesny, Maike Ba and the Renderman Community
Music Credits:
Audiochameleon - Title: "Ambient Documentary Trailer"
SoundFx: Multiple Sources from


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