Soul of Paper - NCCA Master Project

This is my master project made at Bournemouth University using Houdini, Maya and Nuke. During the process I created the entire project from scratch integrating all the pipeline stages from acquisition methods, 3D procedural animation, compositing and final colour grading.

The core animation is a procedural system created in Houdini based on particles that obeys the basic Craig Reynolds rules for flocking systems.

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Digital artist specialized in VFX and animation with about 5 years of experience in the field. His work is mainly focused the creation various digital effects including, particles, morphing, fluids, fire and disintegration. Additionally He's got 3D modelling skills using traditional polygonal modelling and digital sculpting. As a professional he's a dedicated and perfectionist artist, always looking for the best quality in his work attempting to keep an original touch in all of his projects. His main strength is the ability to transfer his skills between platforms having a good capacity to adapt to any task given. In the personal contest he's a kind person that always try to keep good relationships and friends everywhere he goes. List of software abilities: *Houdini *Nuke *Zbrush *Maya *Cinema 4D *After Effects *Adobe Photoshop *Adobe Illustrator *Adobe Flash *Adobe Indesign

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  • Duke Conrad 5 years, 1 month ago  | 

    Nice work

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