Think about that : after some hours of playing TETRIS there are lots of blocks... What would happen if they came in the real World ???
An absolute flooding of Tetris pieces ! My new 3d animation show you that... Enjoy !

All objects modeling, camera paths, rigid body dynamics and simulation had been made with Houdini v18.0.499
Calculating simulation with Houdini was faster, only 45 minutes with my AMD Ryzen 9 3900X...

For textures and renders, I used REDSHIFT 2.6 renderer, and NVIDIA Optix Denoiser to make faster renders
To render all the 3200 frames, it took about 70 hours (with RTX2080Ti and GTX1080) because of the 4 camera point of view...

Montluçon | France

Freelance - 3D animations & images creation - Simulation FX & Motion Design


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