Fur Lookdev

These are the scene files from the Fur Lookdev tutorial series. Explore a shot that includes fur creation and Karma rendering using Houdini. Learn how to configure a melanin node for accurate fur shading and coloration. Set up Karma Fur shading properties for realistic fur rendering. Learn how to prepare the properties and camera settings for optimal results.

You can learn more on the Fur Lookdev Tutorial page.

Original Chipmunk by Andriy Bilichenko

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  • Jackson_Lukas 1 週間, 3 日 前  | 

    Thanks for this tutorial series! I'm delighted to share the look dev setups with my students once I have a better understanding of it myself!

  • mcarvalho 5 日, 20 時間 前  | 

    Amazing Tutorial!!! Thanks for share!!!

  • GCharb 4 日, 10 時間 前  | 

    This is brilliant, many thanks for your hard work and for sharing this! 👍

  • Jorge Ivanovich2 2 日 前  | 

    Hair looks bad in 20.0.625

  • Jorge Ivanovich2 2 日 前  | 

    Sorry my bad

  • aparajitindia 1 日, 16 時間 前  | 


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