Cloud Density Fall off

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Not sure if this is the correct forum, but I was wondering if I could get some feedback on the cloud node. Is there anyway to map the density to fall off as it leaves a designated origin? To fade too black as it reaches the outer edges?

The density remapping attribute doesn't seem to change much and the documentation found here is troublesome: []

“Ramp lookup for density field. This controls how the density falls off across the boundary of the object. The length of the boundary fall off is controlled by the interior bandwidth specified in the Volume page.”

The interior bandwidth specified in the volume page, when modified shows no changes in the viewport or render.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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I've just run into this same issue. If you dive into the cloud node, it appears that there is nothing at all setup in there to create a gradient for the density from the center or the interior band voxels. The ramp just remaps the density that is a solid value across the entire cloud, so it's not actually "remapping" anything that a ramp would help with. It's just an additional multiplier.

This seems like an oversight or a bug in that it's not even implemented correctly as it's described on the tin.
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- plug cloud node to volumeslice so you can visualize the density info
- Volume->Interrior Band Voxels.. set it to something like 20 to give yourself enough room for gradient
- Density->Density Multiplier.. set it to 1 so it fits default volumeslice range.. play with density ramp you can see the effect of your ramp
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