Is Mask field node really being used by Houdini users?

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Coming from Maya, when I needed to tweak some forces in a specific portion of a simulation, one can create a field, move to the area where the field would take effect, and limit/mask the field volume choosing from primitive shapes available. With this mindset, I was brought to Mask field examples, but I noticed I can't easily find any or no information on youtube nor other many forums about this issue. Even on this forum I saw users who asked about mask field node were left without an answer.
I know we can add some velocity to a group of points using wranglers, yet not sure how to apply this technic to various dops scenarios, so are Houdini users making use of mask field node?
In general terms, If you a force to happen only in a portion of the simulation, what is the best practice to go with?
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Mask Fields only work with DOP Forces from Forces submenu
you can connect Mask Field DOP second input of any of those forces and then connect SOP Scalar Field DOP to it'd second input and in there specify volume geo from SOPs and click Use SOP dimensions or tweak the parms

it's pretty old school way, but can be still useful

however if you are using POP Forces which are actually microsolvers instead of true DOP Forces, you can use VEXpressions to modulate any of them per particle by either sampling the SOP volume using volumesample() function or by any attribute like age or any way you can imagine
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