Congratulations & How to Claim Prizes

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Congratulations to everyone for a great month of art and animation, to everyone who completed the Iron Heart and to Wolrajh for winning best collection. Best Image/Animation judging will take place over the next week and will be announced as soon as possible.

For everyone who won daily challenge T-shirts or Iron Heart SWAG Packs (for Iron Heart make sure you have submitted your contact sheet HERE [] and that all your entries are in the appropriate forums) then fill out the following form:


Please note that you can only win one t-shirt even if you won on multiple days. The SWAG pack does come with a possible second Tshirt if you won a daily prize and the IRON HEART - you can ask for different sizes for these two shirts in the Questionnaire.
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Hi, just want to let you know I mistakenly put just Poltergeist on my forum name instead of thepoltergeist.
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