for each LOP NOT updating SOP Modify network properly!

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Hi, I'm having some trouble with the For Each LOP not updating the current prim properly. I have a SOP Modify LOP that operates on each primitive, and it seems to work, but I have to manually jump into the SOP modify LOP and turn on and off nodes until the network decides to update and realize the current prim! It constantly has outdated data and that defeats the whole purpose of what I'm doing. So, what I'm doing is running a wire sim over a bunch of plants and the network used to build the wires won't update properly, so it seems that once the wire network for the first plant gets built, all the other plants are using that initial wire network.

Any assistance here will be golden! I've uploaded a few screenshots to show the network.

Image1 - the for each LOP network which runs over each prim and then sets a variant on a parent prim.

image2 - because of the way the variants are set up, no matter what variant I have selected the entire network is still visible to scene graph, so, instead of running over each variant, I run over each prim and just re-set the variants.

image3 - the network inside the SOP Modify LOP from the for each network.

1.png (97.1 KB)
2.png (206.6 KB)
3.png (48.8 KB)

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