issues with material changes causing upstream recooks

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I was mentioning this recently to mark tucker, and have been meaning to provide an example, I just recorded a little video demonstrating the issue where doing material edits in solaris is so slow and requires really just setting the houdini ui update mode to manual. doing basic things like dropping new nodes in the mat builder for example will cause upstream nodes, including sop/obj imports to re-cook. Would be great to make this smoother, video attached!
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Just to follow up from the bug report, the problem is that there is a "Scene Import All" LOP in /stage that is importing the "gloopy" materials. So when these materials are modified the Scene Import All LOP recooks. It seems that the Scene Import All tool should be more selective about how it fills in the "Additional Materials" parameter on that LOP to avoid this common workflow. For now it should be possible to modify this LOP after the fact to either turn off the importing of additional materials or trim down the search pattern (/obj/** for example, if you know all your materials for import will be coming from /obj, or /mat/** if your materials are in /mat).
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