Exporting objects with Displacement Map data

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Attached is a screenshot of a sphere deformed in Houdini/Redshift.

When I export as an FBX file none of the Redshift data is exported. I assume this is because the displacement is done at the rendering level, not the physical object level.

My problem is I need the object to be physically displaced for 3D Printing.

I can of course use the mountain node at the object level, but this is basic compared to the Fresnel, noise, and Displacement nodes at the material level.

Is there a way to export the object with the Redshift displacement date baked or can I do this at the object level differently so that the object is physically deformed for 3D Printing?

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You can bake your displacement data and then load it back with the Attribute from Map SOP and make the displace with one VOP node, probably it won't be a 100% the same result but it should be close.

https://help.maxon.net/r3d/houdini/en-us/#html/Baking.html?TocPath=Miscellaneous%2520Topics%257C_____1 [help.maxon.net]

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