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ffmpeg render script in wedge 2021年11月9日17:22

add me to the club guys, exactly the same error. trying to wedge a flip sim, geocache and image sequence render smoothly. but when trying to call the shell ROP to generate a mp4 throw ffmpeg, only the first wedge compute properly, then i get this exact same Error rendering child : /out/wedge1/shell1.

i think the pb is that the shell ROP is not able to evaluate wedge properly. As mention previously inside the Wedge ROP, sesi already use a Shell ROP, so i'm pretty sure that as the wedge already lunch a shell then the ffmpeg shell is open, but it can't manage the fact that 4 shell must be executed sequentially, at one moment he lost his mind.

The true solution to this would be to ditch the old rusty ROP things and move all the damn things on PDG.

Reality Capture Plugin - Open Beta 2021年10月28日10:50

yep i would also be curious to know if you will continue or discard RC plugin in the futur ?

HQueue on Windows, network permission errors 2016年1月21日11:22

hi guys i have prepare a complete tutorial for those who are starting to become insane with HQUEUE / Windows 10 config …

you can download it on od force :
http://forums.odforce.net/topic/24063-is-hqueue-for-indie-a-production-ready-tool-under-windows/page-2#entry145377 [forums.odforce.net]