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Senior Technology Consultant at SideFX since 1994.
VFX Artist


Toronto, Canada

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Procedural Modeling  | Environments  | Digital Assets  | Character Rigging  | Motion Editing  | Hair & Fur  | Cloth  | Crowds  | Muscles  | Solaris  | Mantra  | Karma  | Lighting  | Pyro FX  | Fluids  | Destruction FX  | Realtime FX  | VEX
Animation  | PDG  | Python


I am currently employed at SideFX

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obj-image Beginner
RenderMan ShipShape Art Challenge in Solaris
obj-image Node Reference
Transform SOP
obj-image Node Reference
Attribute Create SOP

My Talks

obj-image ILLUME Webinar
FLIP Fluids | Part 1
obj-image ILLUME Webinar
FLIP Fluids | Part 2
obj-image ILLUME Webinar
Pyro FX | Tips and Tricks
obj-image ILLUME Webinar
Houdini VOPs
obj-image ILLUME Webinar
Geometry Workflows in H16
obj-image ILLUME Webinar
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Recent Forum Posts

Houdini-Non Commercial 2024年2月14日16:37

Our recent EULA is available here and covers commercial/indie/non-commercial license use limitations:

SideFX License Agreement []

This is the best place to understand the limitations.

The original post above is from 2011 and relates to what we now call Indie which has gone up in price over the years.

Indie can be used in a commercial capacity as long as the user/organization makes less than $100K revenue and they have investments less than $1M (see EULA above). If this is the case the answer is absolutely you can earn revenue from the YouTube video.

If the YouTube video is non-monetized, then that is not garnering any revenue so that would be fine for all the non-commercial license types (apprentice, education). If apprentice was used, the watermark needs to be kept. The intent with Apprentice is to showcase your skills out in the open and to lead towards employment.

On a completely different note but in line with income from license types, you can use the SideFX Orbolt on-line store Orbolt [] to earn income form HDAs. If you upload an asset to Orbolt with Apprentice, Indie or FX/Core, you can set the cost from $0 to whatever all in exchange for a percentage of the income. The asset is also de-tainted so can be used by others for commercial purposes.

Illume | Invoke Compile Blocks 2023年8月21日11:57

Illume presentation on Compile blocks.

Moving forward Houdini's move to SOPs 2.0 will continue on. For those of us interested in building tools for artists and TDs/TAs utilizing SOPs as verbs is going to be a critical tool in our arsenal.

Here is the pdf of the slides used in the presentation for reference.

Importing DWG CAD files into Houdini? 2022年11月8日21:58

The File SOP supports dxf files directly.
Remember in Houdini, the File SOP can load in all kinds of geometry formats by extension and magic data.

e.g.: In the File SOP's path parm, use the file browser and find your .dxf file

To quickly see what extensions are supported, in the lower right of the File Browser is a very long string of supported extensions.