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HDA preferences 2019年3月12日14:00

All the preferences and settings that you customize in Houdini are usually saved in your home houdini directory.

Linux is $HOME/houdini
Windows is $HOME/Documents/Houdini17.0
Mac is /Applications/Houdini/Houdini17.0.300/Frameworks/Houdini.framework/Versions/Current/Resources/houdini

Substitute your version number after Houdini above.

You can do a date sort listing in these directories to see what has been changed recently.

HDA preferences 2019年3月12日13:55

The options for managing the startup dialogs are in the main Houdini Help menu. Bottom two options.

Mantra flicker on far away objects 2018年10月22日11:05

Try setting the Raytracing Bias parameter on the Mantra ROP (Rendering > Shading > Raytracing Bias) to a smaller number. It defaults to 0.001 so try 0.0001.

I wonder if it could also be a transform deform issue with precision in the crowd agents. Maybe the cap's transformed slightly differently than the head skin causing the two to interpenetrate.

Is the cap placed as a prop in the agent or is it part of the base deforming mesh shape?

Btw the agents look awful cute.