The simplest take on Lops is that it's a procedural hierarchy editor. At the school where I teach we'll be using Lops this year for doing layout, creating sets, all that stuff, so this quickstart is heavily focused on that. From that perspective there'll likely be a lot of 'ahhhh, is that all there is to this?' moments, as this side of Lops is relatively straightforward. Lops and USD are capable of lots of other things, will cover those when I get to them!



Matt Estela is a Senior Houdini Artist at Google. Previously he was VFX Lead in Residence at the UTS Animal Logic. Academy, and before that at Animal Logic he's been a VR Supervisor, Lighting Lead, Fx Lead, CG Supervisor, and is one of those annoying Houdini evangelists you don't want to sit next to on the bus.

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  • Tom Freitag 4 年, 1 ヶ月 前  | 

    ...thats an amazing resource. thanks for doing it in compact understandable way.

  • Scara 4 年, 1 ヶ月 前  | 


  • Alejandro Echeverry 4 年, 1 ヶ月 前  | 

    Amazing!! Thanks Matt!

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