Magic Market

Welcome to the 'Magic Market Series'. This is part of a collaborative project which centres around Solaris workflows. As part of the project, you will learn how to create environment elements. This includes the creation of the terrain, foliage assets, rock assets and texturing of all aforementioned assets. There will also be an exploration of FLIP Fluids to create a Waterfall.


5 Tutorials 11:40:52


Solaris Workshop
Learn production techniques for bringing USD and Solaris into your lighting and VFX pipelines. Using a shot of a market scene coming alive with magical effects, these sessions explore different components of the production workflow. The goal is for experienced artists and TDs to better understand these new workflows in a production setting.
Magic Market | Procedural Rocks
Learn how to create procedural rocks. This includes generating a high-resolution rock using a custom rock generation tool. Once you have the high-resolution rock, you will create a lowresolution version of that rock and use it to bake out displacement maps which retain the detail of the high-resolution rock. This tutorial shows techniques that extend beyond rock generation and can lend themselves to a wide range of applications.
Magic Market | Terrain Concepts
In this part of the series, you will learn the ideas behind terrain generation. This is not a tutorial intended for generating a final product but is rather a guide as to how each part of the process is managed. However, you can follow these steps and generate your own terrain.
Magic Market | L-Systems
To generate foliage, it helps to understand L-Systems. L-Systems use simple sets of instructions to generate branching and growing systems. This can be used in conjunction with geometry to generate plants and trees. In this tutorial, you learn the basics of L-Systems and how they were used in the 'Magic Market' to produce the foliage assets.
Magic Market | Waterfall
Learn how to build a waterfall FX to fit into an existing environment. First, learn the most basic FLIP simulation workflow, then build the waterfall FX and use Karma to render it.

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