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Paul Ambrosiussen is currently a Technical Artist and Game Tools Developer at SideFX Software. He finished his BASc in International Game Architecture and Design at NHTV University of Applied Sciences in Breda. Paul enjoys writing tools to support effective art-pipelines, and maintaining tool / workflow quality for the artists he is assisting. His goal is to help others create amazing things in a better, faster and more flexible way. He creates tutorials, gives live lectures, attends events, and presents custom workshops to customers.


My Talks

obj-image GDC
Game Development Made Easy Using Houdini
obj-image GDC
Rapid Level Creation for Unity Mobile
obj-image LAHUG
Baking Texture & Masking Maps at Lightspeed!
obj-image Twitch
Quixel's Rebirth: World Building with Houdini & UE4
obj-image GDC
From GameDevToolset to SideFXLabs
obj-image GDC
WaveFunctionCollapse Supercharged with PDG for Level Generation

My Tutorials

obj-image Quickstart
Pivot Painter | Version 1 and 2
obj-image Intermediate
Alicevision Plugin
obj-image Quick Tips
Installing GoZ Plugin for ZBrush
obj-image Beginner
SideFX Labs Installation
obj-image Quick Tips
Game Tools | Maps Baker
obj-image Quick Tips
Game Tools | Detail Mesh

Recent Forum Posts

SideFX Labs Updates June 18, 2021, 1:57 p.m.

15 Jun 2021
New Tools
  • (18.5.606) Added Simple Rope Wrap. Also added docs and examplefile.

  • (18.5.602) Education Sticky Notes are now created at the center of the visible network.
  • (18.5.602) Updated the Number Items help page.
  • (18.5.602) Number Items now does not do anything if no items are selected (to prevent accidental deletion of numbers.
  • (18.5.602) Changed Archive tool on Education shelf to create nodes at /obj level.
  • (18.5.602) Added appendNumberItems() and clear() methods to the numberItems() tool.

Bug Fixes
  • (18.5.606) In Vertex Texture Animations ROP 2.1 redirected the references to the external Python module "" to the respective new name "" and locations "labsopui". Fixed the playbar setting button which didn't work. Fixed Pos 2's explore button which didn't work.
  • (18.5.606) Relocated and renamed a few Python modules that was causing naming conflicts for some clients. Changed implicit relative import to absolute import. I suspect they were created because of Vertex Texture Animations 2.0+ but was later made generic. I assume the original intention was for them to be useful to other tools as well. Other tools' dependencies on the old files will be updated in ensuing commits and as I discover them.
  • (18.5.605)Fixed the PivotPainter examplefile. The tree example had the scale set incorrectly.
  • (18.5.604) Fixed issue in VHDA where the text fields for user, branch and type would force the cursor to go to the end of the line when trying to edit text not at the end.
  • (18.5.604) Fixed issue in PARMmenu.xml that would throw an error if you RMB click on a locked parameter.
  • (18.5.603) Set the workingdir in the AliceVision nodes python process, which should fix occasional errors about some library files not being found on Linux.

Physics painter (SideFX Labs) not working? June 9, 2021, 2:38 p.m.

That sounds strange. Maybe something has changed with the stroke state the PhysicsPainter uses internally. Could you submit a bug with support please?

Sublime Text 4 June 9, 2021, 2:31 p.m.

Looks like there might be a bug there. I think the issue is that the filepath of sublime has whitespaces in it, which are causing issues.

Additionally, the log seems to think you want to use Sublime 3, not 4. Did 3 happen to get uninstalled when you updated to 4 by any chance? That could explain why it fails on 18.5 (since it was configured to use that version), and in 16.5 it hadnt been configured yet which made it pick up the right version.

Try reconfiguring what editor is used when you press Alt+E. Edit>Preferences>Set External Text Editor