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Paul Ambrosiussen is currently a Technical Artist and Game Tools Developer at SideFX Software. He finished his BASc in International Game Architecture and Design at NHTV University of Applied Sciences in Breda. Paul enjoys writing tools to support effective art-pipelines, and maintaining tool / workflow quality for the artists he is assisting. His goal is to help others create amazing things in a better, faster and more flexible way. He creates tutorials, gives live lectures, attends events, and presents custom workshops to customers.


My Talks

obj-image GDC
Game Development Made Easy Using Houdini
obj-image GDC
Rapid Level Creation for Unity Mobile
obj-image LAHUG
Baking Texture & Masking Maps at Lightspeed!
obj-image Twitch
Quixel's Rebirth: World Building with Houdini & UE4
obj-image GDC
From GameDevToolset to SideFXLabs
obj-image GDC
WaveFunctionCollapse Supercharged with PDG for Level Generation

My Tutorials

obj-image Beginner
SideFX Labs Installation
obj-image Quick Tips
Game Tools | Maps Baker
obj-image Intermediate
Alicevision Plugin
obj-image Quick Tips
Game Tools | Detail Mesh
obj-image Intermediate
Lens Shaders for GameDev
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Game Tools | Marmoset Toolbag ROP

Recent Forum Posts

SideFX Labs Updates June 25, 2020, 7:09 p.m.

25 Jun 2020
New Tools
  • 1.168 (18.0.506) Added Ruler to the toolset. This is a nodeless python state accessible from the labs shelf menu. It allows for the user to make interactive measurements in the viewport on currently displayed SOP geometry.
  • 1.165 (18.0.501) New Star SOP allows you to make Star shapes easily
  • 1.164 (18.0.500) Added Dem Bones Skinning Converter to Labs. Dem Bones Skinning Converter is a tool from EA that can convert any non-changing topology deforming mesh sequence into a bone based animation. For more information see []
  • 1.160 (18.0.495) Added Mesh Sharpen. The Mesh Sharpen tool sharpens the geometry based on the curvature found on the mesh. It does so by pushing the points on the mesh towards the higher curvature regions, therefore “sharpening” those regions. This tool is a community contribution from Jake Rice - @TearsOfJake
  • 1.159 (18.0.494) Added HF Insert Mask. This tool quickly allows you to insert a mask from a second heightfield into your primary heightfield.

  • 1.169 (18.0.507) Ruler tool now supports undoing with Ctrl-Z.
  • 1.168 (18.0.506) Pyro Preview ROP has now been DEPRECATED. The default viewport shader has caught up with the Mantra Render to no longer need this tool. As usual, the tool will still be available to those who are using it / need it.. Just hidden. It will get removed in the future.
  • 1.163 (18.0.499) If no composite view exists when attempting to Set Composite View on the Texture Sheet ROP a message will be displayed.
  • 1.163 (18.0.499) FBX Archive Import now properly handles hierarchies of geo nodes with materials assigned on the obj level.

Bug Fixes
  • 1.169 (18.0.507) Fixed Labs PBR Shader GLSL warning that popped up when assigning the material.
  • 1.169 (18.0.507) Fixed Gaea Tor Processor issue where it would fail when Labs was installed in a location where there are multiple dots or spaces in the install path.
  • 1.163 (18.0.499) Texture Sheet ROP wouldn't render normals if the input had a post-process node in the network. Removed material attribute for normal rendering.
  • 1.163 (18.0.499) Games Baker will skip built-in channels if none are selected. If there are no custom channels the baker will skip the rendering process and display a message.
  • 1.163 (18.0.499) Added time dependency for the highpoly input to the MapsBaker
  • 1.163 (18.0.499) MapsBaker auto-cook works again. Also moved the toggle to enable it to the top of the parm interface and renamed the “Bake” button to “Render”
  • 1.160 (18.0.495) Fixed the Isolate Group parm on the RBD to FBX rop.
  • 1.160 (18.0.495) QuickMat MatCap shader default texture path is now correct again.

Skinning converter in 18.0 doesn't allow to export fbx May 15, 2020, 6:26 p.m.


I must have missed the post, hence the lack of replies from my end.. Sorry about that.
Bug reports should be submitted to to get assigned to a developer for it to get fixed. Please do not rely on the forum for this, since there is no guarantee it will get picked up.. Since that's what the support channels are for

Please send a ticket to the email provided above with a file to test with, and an explanation like you already provided in your post!


Labs Maps Baker -> Normal Transfer Problems March 12, 2020, 7:26 p.m.

These artifacts are almost 100% caused by overlapping UVs. Could you attach your file and I will take a look.