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Paul Ambrosiussen is currently a Technical Artist and Game Tools Developer at SideFX Software. He finished his BASc in International Game Architecture and Design at NHTV University of Applied Sciences in Breda. Paul enjoys writing tools to support effective art-pipelines, and maintaining tool / workflow quality for the artists he is assisting. His goal is to help others create amazing things in a better, faster and more flexible way. He creates tutorials, gives live lectures, attends events, and presents custom workshops to customers.


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Game Development Made Easy Using Houdini

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Game Tools | Detail Mesh
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Lens Shaders for GameDev
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Game Tools | Marmoset Toolbag ROP
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Game Tools | Static Fracture Export
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Game Tools | Mesh Tiler
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Game Tools | LOD Hierarchy

Recent Forum Posts

Physics Painter suggestions Jan. 4, 2019, 4:07 p.m.

Hi Jason,

Thanks for your feedback, I'm glad you like the tool!
As for your feedback:
1. That's a good RFE!
2. The tool should already solve any intersections between objects prior to simulation, and offset them from the surface using the Surface Offset parameter. Would you like to add padding between objects themselves? The Stroke Padding parm might help with that.
4. That's something I had already planned on implementing!
5. Could you explain what you mean?
6. Will look into that!


GameDev Toolset | Marmoset Toolbag ROP Nov. 29, 2018, 3:31 p.m.

Hi. Will this work with Houdini Apprentice?

Also do you(or anyone else) know if everything in the Gamedev toolset works with Apprentice? If not do you know what the specific limitations are?


The tool does not work with Apprentice, since it requires the exporting of FBX files. This is only supported for for Indie or higher.

As for other tools, if they don't rely on FBX they should work properly. (90+% of the tools)


Terrain Mesh Rop issues Nov. 21, 2018, 4:42 p.m.


Could you tell me what version of the toolset you are using?

Sorry, was away for a couple of days. This was in H17 with 1.64.


Just tested with 1.66, same problem.

The problem seems to be in “attribwrangle23” where the NeedsTriangulation is set.
Prims that are adjacent to smaller prims (from a higher subdiv) do not necessarily have more then 4 primpoints so they don't get triangulated.
Hope this helps.

Update, tried in 16.5.571, works as expected, so it is a H17 only issue.


I was able to reproduce the issue with Terrain Segment ROP and have submitted a fix.
It will be fixed in build 1.84 and newer.