GoZ is Zbrush's fast file transfer feature. This tool allows you to send meshes back and forth between Houdini and Zbrush seamlessly without having to deal with file paths or extensions. 

Currently the tool supports: 

  • Point Positions
  • PolyPaint
  • PolyGroups 
  • Mask
  • UVs

Installation Instructions

Houdini 18.5

  1. Install Houdini 18.5.401 or newer, and SideFXLabs 18.5.401 or newer.
  2. Restart Houdini if you have just updated SideFXLabs.
  3. Open Zbrush and click the GoZ button to go through the GoZ setup steps.
  4. The GoZ file format is enabled with the GoZ_Houdini.dll and the necessary files are installed when running any of the GoZ nodes. 



Paul Ambrosiussen is currently a Technical Artist at Bismuth Consultancy. He was the Lead of the Labs initiative at SideFX before that. Paul finished his BASc in International Game Architecture and Design at NHTV University of Applied Sciences in Breda. Paul enjoys writing tools to support effective art-pipelines, and maintaining tool / workflow quality for the artists he is assisting. His goal is to help others create amazing things in a better, faster and more flexible way. He creates tutorials, gives live lectures, attends events, and presents custom workshops to customers.

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