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Production blockers and issues list Sept. 18, 2018, 12:13 p.m.

dbgeng.dll admitidetly I am only 99% sure that is HE which is stated in the bugg. And as communicated earlier it has been repro'd at SideFX, it may not be easy and predictable to be repro'd but it has.
Please provide instructions on what to install as an alterantive. I dont know what program installed the dbgeng.dll to begin with. this is a new, pretty clean computer besides. Unreal / Houdini / Perforce.

Save / Open - dialogue has been re-opened since I can not get it to work in 598 which was said to contain the fix. New files have been suplied to that bug.

The “focus lost” bugg has a video attached to it that clearly shows that by just clicking on the I element again does not work. I have communicated this before, on similar statements. Restarting Unreal is the only gurantee to solve it sofar. randomly clicking and alt+tabbing sometimes work to.

Production blockers and issues list Sept. 17, 2018, 4:26 a.m.

I was asked to post this here, for visibility. And to see if others are expericing similar issues. All these have been bug reported with videos/images and other files.

  • The “dbgeng1003/1002.dll issues”, this is a big one since it ranges from “light crashes” meaning the editor and HE continues to run, to that it crashes Unreal, corrupts maps and forces deletion of the ‘Saved’ and ‘Intermediate’ folders to be able to start the Unreal Project again.

  • HDAs placed in levels will sometimes stop updating while others placed HDA's of the same type continues to work. Only solution to this so far is to delete the HDA and place a new one.

  • HDAs with “file” parameters exposed will open a “Save” dialouge instead of a “Open” dialouge when pressed. It will still read the selected file, as long as it is not write protected, however working in a production environment using Perforce you will run into this all the time. And we end up with files checked out by multiple people just to be able to open them.

  • Every now and then the input parameters exposed in Unreal will stop taking keyboard inputs, clicking other native unreal parameters and typing in those work, just to confirm it is not a general issue. Alt+tabbing back and forward between other apps sometimes will solve this, or a restart of Unreal.

  • Instanced blueprints child actors will get what looks like double transform, but for some strange reason 1 of 20 times it seems to work as it should. So far no real solution for this.

1002 / 1003 dbgeng.dll issues Aug. 9, 2018, 7:14 a.m.

Anyone else getting dbgeng.dll crashes with UE4 and HE, corrupting maps etc ? Didnt have them before HE was added to the project..but can not say that it is 100% HE's fault.