Hardsurface Modeling Explorations

Inspired by HardOps / Fusion 360 / Modo / Modo - Polystein etc. I made myself some HDA (tools) in Houdini to help myself model more efficiently in Houdini. This is the results so far, I've used a base shape I saw in some HardOps post since I thought it was a good test case for the different HDA's (tools).
The HDA's (tools) so far I've named: 'edge sweep', 'edge clone', 'edge warp', 'mesh_split', 'hex_screw'. They all revolve a lot around beeing able to create interesting mesh to use with Boolean rather quickly. And the 'mesh_split' I have done to facilitate myself a new workflow where I work from a base shape and split of pieces with the 'mesh split' to further refine that inside a 'subnet' which helps my node graph in Houdini to not explode into 1 million nodes.
You can view a lot more images and wireframes in better quality over at Artstation here:


  • Pathshaper 5 years, 1 month ago  | 

    Any plans to release these on Orbolt? Nice work!

    • MagnusL3D 5 years, 1 month ago  | 

      Well mostly it was for myself to achive a couple of things, stop re-making the same setups over and over, and to speed up modelling in Houdini for myself. But as they mature I might release them :)

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