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Modeling a Blitzball
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Epic Speed Modeling | Rifle Gun
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Project Cabin | Direct Modelling
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Modelling a Cabin

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State of modeling in H20 May 21, 2024, 4:25 p.m.

Hey folks, it's been more than two years now since I started diving into modeling in Houdini. While I was hearing only bad things about modeling , I wanted to see if there was more than people might know about it. And the short answer is, hell YEA!!!

Not only did I manage to find a way to do modeling in Houdini, but I also found a way where one can have a nice flow while modeling, and honestly as someone who modeled in pretty much all DCC's, even Plasticity, I can say that Houdini does some things much better then any other DCC, not to mention the fact that things staying procedural, even if you call it destructive modeling. That's why I started to call modeling in Houdini Hybrid modeling.

In case there are people interested, here you can find the environment and setup I am using plus some of the modeling I did:

https://miro.com/app/board/uXjVP06Hcz4=/?share_link_id=829218827858 [miro.com]

It's all Houdini and some of the textures are from Greyscalegorilla. I did not use any plugins. I also spent more than 3000h exploring/researching all of this.

Now, is everything perfect, no. Is there a potential, hell yea... a huge one, but in the end, its up to SF to decide where it pushes modeling if ever they decide to do something about it.

Cheers and stay well fellow artists.

P.S. - I have no intentions to argue against or for Houdini's modeling capabilities, I don't, I am only here to show what is possible if you try, hard.

Modeling a Robot Character Recorded Journey. May 2, 2024, 4:42 a.m.

I wasn't here for a long time so I missed this. Awsome modeling. Lover the model and the fact you are doing it in Houdini. Any updates on this? 😊

Modeling and Houdini. Dec. 15, 2023, 3:46 p.m.

I try to restrain myself from commenting here as I most definitely would sound arrogant at times, but I can't just stand aside and read what I read without having some kind of "damn, if only you knew" reaction. I will say this, modeling even in this state of Houdini is possible, and there is a legit workflow that allows a flow, there are most definitely great tools, and then some less great, but the fact is that there a almost 120 tools that you can use and abuse for modeling and some here are confusing toolset with UX. Of course, tools can always be better, but with what you have now, you can already do a lot which I have proved. I use no plugins! What you seek, is better UX, which I understand, some things can be improved, but yet again, even with what you have now, you can create an environment that can be as fluid as in any other software. I would say some things are harder to do some things are easier to do and some things are unique to Houdini. As everywhere!

My proposal would be if you guys are for it to make a Google Meeting and simply start discussing modeling in Houdini. And see if we can come to some kind of consensus on where modeling in Houdini is and what has to be done to make things better. And if someone would like, he can show their biggest struggles etc.. I can show how I model in Houdini and I would like to see others doing the same. The reason why I am proposing a live meeting is due to communication because writing and reading here can always give wrong impressions and things can be taken out of context.
We could simply make a modeling community and see how many people are interested, and then SideFX could start investing more time in UX for modeling if the number is big enough. Otherwise, few of us not gonna accomplish much, especially when some bashing for no good reason.