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Congratulations & How to Claim Prizes April 11, 2023, 10:06 a.m.

Aaallright, done aaaand submitted.

Thanks for the organisation, Robert. It was pretty clean this year!
Thanks to the judges for the artwork win ! It does feel nice and warm, indeed. I missed Paul Esteves' vids this year though ,)

Mardini is a nice occasion to let out the inner artist inside, step outside of the usual "button pusher" role that goes on and on all year.

While I answered "Nature" in the form, in truth I couldn't really choose. I liked all weeks, and had to challenge myself to find ideas all along. Shapes started nice and smooth. Motion was a bit compromised by my own failure at meeting the deadlines for Growth and Leap, but I love finding ways to express movement with a single image. Light was probably the hardest, in hindsight. And Worlds, man, I was so tired when we reached that one ^^
Some days I was absolutely at a loss of ideas tho : Smooth, Flow, Bulb, Reflect, Halo, Fantasy !

Obviously I can't say whether I will engage in Mardini 2024 for sure, because life is life. It will boil down, I suppose, on a few parameters. I'd like to, though. Just need to find how to balance out work, sleep, and mardini


Iron Heart Winners April 1, 2023, 1:12 a.m.

Everything Everywhere All At Once, in a single spreadsheet. How nice!

So the month is over heh? A few final laps for the judges, meanwhile we can rest, at long last!
Again this year, excellent works in the animation department. How you madman can do this is beyond me. The rendertimes, specifically : I only did two animations, but I had to use a renderfarm and the costs ramp up so fast !
Still pictures bring their own challenges - like the whole concept of the motion week, for instance - but it's probably less hectic.

Anyway, let's see what the final results will be!

edit : when the boss says "png", the idiot Wolrajh provides a JPG, naturally.
edit2 : owooops I had apparently deleted the pic entirely :S

Day 31 | Worlds | Sci Fi | Image March 31, 2023, 11:54 p.m.

Week 5 : Worlds
Day 31 : Scifi !

"One day your children may ask you, 'and you ? Where were you when the robots rose and took over the world?"
"Rare picture of an AI and their devoted disciples"

Got a nice robot model from sketchfab, used for the disciples crowd. We barely see their feets, hands and heads but the metallic reflections should do some part of the trick!
I ran into some weiiiird issues with Karma, where all of a sudden, the material on the ground and on the cloth would cause a crash. Apparently came from using color/vector textures on the ground while having some SSS on the cloth, so I elected to discard the normal map and the albedo. Super weird!

Other than that, went pretty well. Just super tired, and lo and behold : now, we can rest !

edit : text, as usual