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HDA Component/Actor Tags in UE4 Feb. 20, 2018, 9:14 a.m.

You might be able to add a component tag using a generic uproperty attribute: []

Way to automate Baking multiple version of a Digitial Asset Jan. 31, 2018, 9:43 a.m.

No news on the packed prim/group bug yet.

other workarounds:
- You could just create a wrapper hda which instantiates your asset hda once for each variation, then you should get a separate mesh for each.

- It's possible to grind out variations like that using the Wedge and FBX ROPs (but then you only have fbx files)

Does every team member need to have Houdini Engine installed (including a LIcensee)? Jan. 15, 2018, 11:25 a.m.

All developers ever opening the editor will require the Houdini UE4 plugin, to view the cached result which is included in the Houdini asset.
Yes, you need to have the plugin installed locally to open a project that uses the plugin. The cached result is usually resident in the map, unless you've baked out the results to mesh assets.

The UE4 plugin requires Houdini Engine to be installed on the machine, but does not care whether a license is available, as long as a Houdini asset is not being modified.
Correct, where modified means houdini-cooking the asset - this happens when a parameter is changed which requires the asset output to be re-evaluated.

A floating license will only be consumed once a Houdini asset is modified.
Yes, any houdini-cook operation will need a license.

Is it possible for a the plugin to be configured as read-only (disable modifications / only ever show the cached result)? So that we can safely assume that our 2 developers will always have a license available to use?
Sorry, I'm not aware of any way to make an actor read-only in the UE4 editor. However you can change the settings in the license manager on the local machine so that looking up the license will fail.

On the subject of build machines; a build machine will only consume a Houdini license from the pool when cooking Houdini Assets. Does this mean that when it encounters a Houdini Asset it gets a license which is returned once done with that asset. Or does it keep the license for a certain amount of time/ until the cook is done?
The build machine shouldn't require a license because the houdini-cooking is done before saving out the map.