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Learning Material Summary Dec. 18, 2018, 12:45 p.m.

Some new additions to the Houdini Learning Material Worksheet [] to the worksheet, including:

Making of Toon-shading Look Fluid Effects | Masato Tsuzuki
Houdini Rendering & De-noising | Mark Elendt
The Virtual Form | Luigi Honorat
Algorithmic Design with Houdini | Junichiro Horikawa
Procedural Hard Surface Design | Akira Saito
Material-Based Dynamics | Rob Stauffer
Vellum Cloth | Rob Stauffer
Vellum Cloth Basics (from THUG) | Sara Rascon
Quixel Bridge / Houdini Live Link | Quixel TechArt Team
H17 Masterclass: Vellum Drape | Jeff Lait
Brick Smash Part 3 | Next Steps | Mark Spevick
Brick Smash Part 2 | Under the Hood | Mark Spevick
Brick Smash Part 1 | Off the Shelf | Mark Spevick
Houdini Game Tools | Luiz Kruel, Mike Lyndon + Paul Ambrosiussen
H17 Masterclass: Vellum Overview | Jeff Lait
Jeff's Top 10 Features of H17 | Jeff Wagner
H17 Masterclass: Terrains / Heightfield Scatter | Ari Danesh

Houdini Connect: Reflection & Notion | Students
Houdini Connect: Houdini Education in France | Various Schools
Houdini Connect: Lloyds Bank - Running of the Horses | The Mill

HDA Building PT 2 | Jeff Wagner | July 18, 2018 Nov. 21, 2018, 1:42 p.m.

Does anyone know what happened to the video: []


We took it down because too many people were complaining about the audio quality…here's the link [] but keep in mind the audio's not perfect!

Quixel Bridge / Houdini Live Link Integration Nov. 19, 2018, 11:41 a.m.


Learn what's possible with the brand new SideFX Houdini integration — out now as one of the new Live Links in Quixel Bridge 2018.5! Check out the preview here: []

The SideFX Houdini Live Link is an extensive and powerful plugin that allows you to import assets from Bridge, scatter them, create custom triplanar setups, create geometry from atlases, and more.