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H18.5 Launch Event - Thursday, October 15 at 12 pm EDT Oct. 14, 2020, 5:02 p.m.

Hey all, join us this Thursday, Oct 15 at 12:00 pm EDT for the launch of Houdini 18.5 []!

Learning Material Summary July 27, 2020, 1:07 p.m.

Updated the Houdini Learning Library - []

New educational material published over the past few months include:

  • CHOPs for Music and Constraints Guilherme Casagrandi & Fabricio Chamon
  • Escape' Project Workflow Arnold Song
  • Post Apocalyptic Ruins Simon Verstraete
  • SideFX Labs | Ruler Michael Buckley
  • Coffee Time with ХАРКОННЕН + Alexey Vanzhula Anatolii Iudanov & Alexey Vanzhula
  • Generating G-Code Ivan DeWolf
  • VEX Traffic Simulation Franco Pizzani
  • Viewport Fog Simon Verstraete
  • Houdini Engine for Unity | Session Sync Simon Verstraete
  • Topo Transfer Fianna Wong
  • Path Deform Fianna Wong
  • Grooming Barry Bacon Gabriela Salmeron
  • Neural Video Style Transfer Leveraging PDG Manuel Koster
  • Product Proceduralization Kyle Sowry
  • Virtual Production Strategies Ted Pallas
  • Houdini for the Mad Scientist Sam Swift-Glasman
  • Maya to Houdini Transition Guide Robert Magee
  • Just the Tip(s) Matt Estela
  • Updates and Some Sneaky Peeky Updates and Some Sneaky Peeky
  • Master the Fundamentals Tim van Heldsingen
  • MANvsMACHINE Tim Bolland
  • B is for Ben: Creating the Character in Houdini Rok Andic
  • Water Splashes on the Cheap (FLIP-Free) Nikolay Skolkov
  • Do More With Crowds Mikael Pettersen
  • Ready for Battle: The FX in Midway Marc Joos and Adam Figielski
  • Vehicle Destruction & Dynamic Rigging with RBDs Keith Kamholz
  • Artist to Leader | Hudson Martins Artist to Leader | Hudson Martins
  • Natural Destruction David Adan
  • Battle Worms, Birds, and Big Blue Beings Ahmed Gharraph
  • The Sparse Pyro Process Tyler Bay
  • Look Who's Back: Arnold for Solaris Varomix
  • Renderman for Houdini Sarah Forcier
  • SideFX Labs: Tools for Everyone Paul Ambrosiussen
  • Houdini as a Vector of Creativity Maxime Hacquard
  • Motion Design Hacks Mark Fancher
  • Design x Stimulation Lukas Vojir & Alexa Sirbu
  • MOPS: Beyond Motion Graphics Henry Foster
  • Paintings in Motion David Ferreira
  • Creating Cinematic Environments Adrien Lambert
  • Paint, Peaks and Primitives Will MacNeil
  • Solaris Workshop - Lighting/Multi-Shot Rendering Rob Stauffer
  • Solaris Workshop - Rigid Body Fracturing with Solaris Steven Knipping
  • Solaris Workshop - Magic Cauldron Simon Littlejohn
  • Solaris Workshop - Photorealistic Tree Sims Driven by Velocity Fields Mohamed Kamal Abujazar
  • Solaris Workshop - Layout and Scene Assembly Rob Stauffer
  • Solaris Workshop - Asset Prep for Solaris Jeff Wagner
  • Solaris Workshop - Solaris and Pipelines Jeff Wagner
  • Solaris Workshop - Intro to USD Concepts Rob Stauffer

Learning Material Summary Feb. 25, 2020, 5:09 p.m.

Updated the Learning Library… []

Here's the list of educational material published since October:

  • Masterclass: Vellum Constraint Features John Lynch
  • Generating Procedural Motion Using CHOPs Mihnea Stoica
  • Soft-body FEM Workflow Tips Emily Fung
  • Sci-fi Level Builder Simon Verstraete
  • H18 Solaris Yuqing Chen
  • Houdini and Redshift Kays Alatrakchi
  • Sci-fi Core Simon Verstraete
  • Sci-fi Stair Generator Simon Verstraete
  • Rigging: Series 2 Michael Goldfarb
  • MasterClass: 64-bit Processing in Houdini 18.0 Jeff Lait
  • Sci-fi Terminal and Tanks Simon Verstraete
  • Sci-Fi Door Generator Simon Verstraete
  • MasterClass: Attribute Paint Jeff Lait
  • Intro to Houdini 18 Rohan Dalvi
  • Cupcake Project Rohan Dalvi
  • Doing Big Work with a Small Team Matt Ebb
  • SideFX Solaris: A Production Perspective Luke Gravett
  • Fun with Reaction-Diffusion in Houdini Dan Wills
  • Open Firehawk: Hybrid Open Cloud Infrastructure & PDG Andrew Graham
  • New RBD Workflow Tools in Houdini 18 Nick Petit
  • Houdini: You're learning it wrong (no really this time) Matt Estela
  • Punching Above Your Weight Nick Angus
  • Intelligent Setups for Automating Character FX Adam Katz
  • Sci Fi Crates Simon Verstraete
  • VELLUM: Workflow Concepts John Moncrief
  • Sci Fi Panel Generator Simon Verstraete
  • Building Generator Simon Verstraete

And the list of Houdini Connects and Reels published since October:
  • USD / Solaris Animal Logic
  • Peter Rabbit Animal Logic
  • Nanotale - Typing Chronicles Fishing Cactus
  • Unity + Houdini Reel Various
  • Huawei Mate 20 Unexpected
  • Houdini Education Reel 2019 Various