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Illume Webinar - USD Pipelines Jan. 25, 2021, 11:01 a.m.

Hey all, we're hosting the first of this year's Illume webinar series today at 12p EST - on USD Pipelines []. Jeff does a long-form educational presentation first, followed by an interview with Chris Rydalch from Blue Sky Studios. Here's the link: []

Learning Material Summary Nov. 26, 2020, 9:07 a.m.

Thanks for pointing those out - added!

Learning Material Summary Nov. 25, 2020, 2:52 p.m.

I finally did an update on the Digital Houdini Learning Library - SO much material since July! A HUGE thank you to everyone who worked on any of these super-valuable sessions!! []

Destruction FX in SOPs Mark Spevick Escape Studios

Model a Procedural House Mark Spevick Escape Studios

SideFX Labs | Go Z Install Paul Ambrosiussen SideFX

Biharmonic Capture | KineFX Michael Buckley SideFX

Houdini to Niagara Simon Verstraete SideFX

PANEL: How to Make a Killer Reel and Get a Job at a Studio VARIOUS VARIOUS

Procedural Approaches for Magical FX Sophie Noel, Mathieu Rondet ArtFX

Procedural at BUas Ronny Franken, Zoran Arizanovic, Robbie Griggvv, Bojan Endrovski Breda University of Applied

The Swiss Army Knife and the Research Lab David Tree Hertfordshire

Houdini Unpacked Daniel Hourigan CG Spectrum

A Pipeline in Thirteen Lines of Python Sean Lewkiw Lost Boys school of VFX | Montreal

Procedural Modeling of Japanese Castle Yoshihiro Miura Tokyo University of Technology

How to Learn Houdini from Scratch in 13 Weeks Matt Brunner Digipen

WELLYWOOD VFX Areito Echevarria, Raqi Syed, Sunny Teich Victoria University of Wellington

Adding the Fun to Math Fundamentals Jan Mentzel, Ruben Tack Howest

Production of Stranded Thomas Renault, Thomas Spony, Maxime Salvatore ESMA

Breakdown of the Graduation Short ‘Migrants’ Antoine Dupriez & Migrant Movie Team Pole IIID Roubaix

Flooding Stairs: Flip Fluids & Real-Life References Luke Vuilliomenet Savannah College of Art and Design

BUas Procedural Showcase Aleksandra Radivilovic, Erwin Smeenge, Jens van Kampen, Joshua Rizzo, Peter Prickarz Breda
University of Applied Sciences

Abducting the Car, An Automobile Commercial Felipe Amaya Savannah College of Art and Design

Procedural Crystal Generation Rodney Mutanga University of Bolton

Creating Lightning with VEX Nathan Clark University of Bolton

Houdini Engine for UE4 Simon Verstraete SideFX

Directed Procedural Workflows with Houdini and Unity Paul Ambrosiussen SideFX

Procedural Desert Simon Verstraete SideFX

Vex Isn't Scary Moeen Sayed NineBetween

Top Ten Under-the-Radar Features in H18.5 Jeff Wagner SideFX

Chain SOP Adam Swaab

KineFX for Games Luiz Kruel SideFX

Sexy Explosions Attila Torok SideFX

Vellum Cloth Andriy Bilichenko

Houdini Engine for UE4 Simon Verstraete SideFX

Retargeting Animation using KineFX Bogdan Zykov

Be in Control - Crowds and KineFX Mikael Pettersen MPC

Introducing KineFX Henry Dean SideFX

Animation Cleanup Tools KineFX Mihnea Stoica SideFX

PDG Shotgun Publisher Tool Paul Lemeshko

Solaris Rob Stauffer SideFX

KineFX: Curve Solver VOP Guillaume Laferriere SideFX

KineFX: Camera on Path SOP Constraint Guillaume Laferriere SideFX

KineFX: IK Solver SOP Guillaume Laferriere SideFX

KineFX: Motion Retargeting Fianna Wong SideFX

Solaris Render Gallery Fianna Wong SideFX

Physical Lens and Focus Plane Fianna Wong SideFX

PolyBevel Fianna Wong SideFX

PDG | Wedging a Compile SOP Network Michael Buckley SideFX

Houdini To Niagara Workflow Mike Lyndon SideFX

Transformation, Abstraction, Repetition, and How to Think Like a Chef Han Han Xue Lyft

Character Animation in Houdini Delano Athias