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Step-by-step: Houdini Engine Plug & UE4.25 Compile in Linux May 21, 2020, 3:41 p.m.

New video blog post!

Time indoors has lead to A VERY detailed step-by-step video on how to set up Houdini Engine and Unreal Engine on Linux, including obtaining source, licensing, compiling and installing.

http://eyevex.com [eyevex.com]

40 Minutes of excitement guaranteed (|;-D>

uiS[cript]Py uispy is being made availible for free download Dec. 26, 2016, 3:18 p.m.

I have decided to make available, uiScriptPy, a python wrapper around Houdini’s uiscript. It has been the result of needs I have had and was largely ripped from another defunct project. It should be considered alpha. I am aware of a couple efforts to do this, however I think uispy is fairly robust and useful. It fills a nice space where simple dialogs beyond hou.ui are needed, but full blown pySide/pyQt may be overkill

Hopefully this will also provide an exploratory opportunity as I plan to document its clean-up on my blog eyevex.com bit by bit in the New year (assuming compatibility with h16 for now). At that time some more examples will be coming, until then feel free to download and poke around.

It is acknowledged, that a few things are broken or missing, some the scripts are a bit hacky, there are places for improvement, and a bit that is completely wrong, but working. This is alpha, which mean it has only been used my myself and really only on a specific setup

Happy Holidays and New Years


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Sidefx at siggraph July 9, 2014, 2:15 p.m.

I would very dissapointing to not have a usergroup.

I have been to 11 conferqnces, and woul definately say althoguh the parties were fun, the years with the houdini user groups were always one of my favorite events… the years it was a ug and party were even better but despite the fun at la live and the joint derivative party, the biggest memories are always being in a room with other procedural geeks gettig to have the mass honest reaction to feature announcements and seeing what other pros are doing and then mingling and talking nerd –which doesnt happen in web writeups. The year in the train station, i barely remember the party, but wont forget all the cexcitement around CORE talking about th willd or pushing limits on stealth, or seeing the new tools.

I am hoping to make it and would love to see it considered. Free beer can be gotten anywhere andisnt important, but itis definately the denter of houdini community comradery and would be happy to see a prman esq, nerdy whiteboard type metting in folding chairs with space to mingle, even over a party. Just my 2 cents, i guess.