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HOUDINI4SOFTIES: “Rigging a Cable Carrier in XSI and in Houdini” Sept. 6, 2017, 5:02 p.m.

Hi there,
this is a little walk trough of a setup I´ve build for a visualization project both in XSI and in Houdini using a similar approach and more or less similar tools. Nothing fancy though, but maybe useful. The setup is based on a bend-deformed grid and instantiated geometry on particles.


SOFTIMAGE|UeberTage 2014, Friday, Sept 19th with Houdini Sept. 3, 2014, 8:30 a.m.

Hi there!

It took a long time this year, but I´m happy to announce the ultimate SOFTIMAGE|UeberTage event this year…!

Houdini will be part of it! So, if you are around, come over!

REGISTER NOW! http://uebertage.eventbrite.com/ [uebertage.eventbrite.com]

SOFTIMAGE|UeberTage 2014 will take place on Friday, September 19th in Siegen, Germany, as usual. Somewhere around 10.00h - 18.00h..

Participation is FREE!!!

The Program for SOFTIMAGE|UeberTage 2014

Fuat Yüksel, Aixsponza, Munich/Germany:
“VFX-Production with Cinema4D: Dreadnought- and F1-Teasers”
http://www.aixsponza.com [aixsponza.com]

Eric Mootz, Developer at Mootzoid, Saarbrücken/ Germany :
“Current Developments for Softimage, Fabric and Modo”
http://www.mootzoid.com [mootzoid.com]

Peter Spans, Hamburg/Germany:
“Animated Actors interacting with Actors”
http://www.spans.de [spans.de]

Paul Fratesi, John Courte, Sidefx Software, Toronoto /Canada:
“Houdini 13”
http://www.sidefx.com [sidefx.com]

Philipp Seis, Oliver Weingarten, Brandstätter GmbH/Germany:
“Making the Playmobil Movies: Pipeline and VFX”
http://www.playmobil.com [playmobil.com]

Andreas Dahl , Karben/Germany:
“Modo in Production”
http://www.thefoundry.co.uk [thefoundry.co.uk]

http://www.softimage-uebertage.de [softimage-uebertage.de]

Stay tuned!!


just saying hello May 26, 2014, 4:59 a.m.

Hi there!

I just want to say hello! My name is Oliver Weingarten and I am a long time SI user for over 16 years now. I am quite active in the ll around SI running the si-community and organizing the SOFTIMAGE|UeberTage event you might have heard of.
As my focus got more and more into VFX over the last couple of years, mostly due to the fact that something like ICE exists, which enabled me to stuff I never thought to achieve in a 3D package. As evil AD now killed my beloved software platform, it is time to get my hands dirt with stuff that feels like to step forward instead of heading backward. Houdini to me feels like the only place to go since the days of ICE will be counted in the next couple of years. I will still use it, but wrapping my head around Houdini is something I will tackle in the next couple of month/years.
Watching tut and digging through Jordi´s guide showed me the wast number of possibilities of Houdini. To get it sorted out and understanding when and why is the big challenge, though.
A big, big thanks to Jordi for making these great guides! Great work, man! It helps a lot to see similarities and differences between SI and Houdini.
Looking forward to discuss things and how Houdini might get a little less complicated and better streamlined in the future..would be great to see this package getting even better and better. And I also want to mention my great respect for the people developing this awesome piece of software. Congrats, guys!!

That´s it for now and have a great day!