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flatten UVs but keep vertices with existing UVs pinned April 5, 2023, 5:33 a.m.

I have a geometry in Houdini where some vertices have existing UVs, and some do not. I want to flatten the UVs of the whole object while keeping the vertices with existing UVs pinned.
The UVs are vertex attributes, those do not have UVs are 0,0,0 vectors.
This could be done in blender, but I want a procedural way to do it. And I can not realize it in Houdini.
Any suggestions or guidance on how to achieve this would be greatly appreciated.

Open Houdini 19 with Python2 May 22, 2022, 8:37 a.m.

Thank you very much, this is helpful!

Open Houdini 19 with Python2 May 19, 2022, 9:46 a.m.

Hello everyone, I have some houdini files must be opened with python2. In Maya2022,There is a way, you can just change "C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Maya2022\bin\maya.exe"  to "C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Maya2022\bin\maya.exe -pythonver 2" on the desktop. Is it possible houdini doing the same thing? Thank you in advance.