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How to save each variant as a layer to disk? March 26, 2023, 11:53 p.m.

What exactly do you mean by "save each variant as a layer"? I can imagine two possibilities:
  1. Just save the "variant" opinions (authored by the Prune LOPs) to their own layers, and have the variant selection just switch between which prune layer gets referenced. To do this, you'd just need to add a configure Layer LOP after each prune, and feed that configure Layer into the multi-input of a reference LOP. Then feed the reference LOPs into the multi-input of the variantblock_end2 LOP.
  2. For each variant, save a layer that payloads in the floating_shelves_with_frame prim, and applies that variant selection. This is probably best accomplished with PDG, which makes it fairly easy to run a USD ROP multiple times using a Wedge TOP and a ROP USD Output TOP.

Hope that helps... Post back if you didn't mean either of these things...

Hello, Mark, method one doesn't work for me, maybe because the variant block does a layer break, but it seems like the prim isn't in the variant block, just opinion on visibility attrib created by the prune. The reference LOP is giving unresolved prim path caution. Not exactly sure what issue is, looking forward to a follow up on this.

Haven't tried method 2 yet

Workflow from Layout in Solaris to animation in kineFX? March 26, 2023, 2:16 a.m.

What is a great approach going from having a layout in Solaris, then bringing a particular model from that layout into SOPS to do Kine FX rigging and animation, then bringing back just the animation into Solaris as a layered over? What I'm thinking about is the fact that you want to do any rigging from the origin, but also that you want to do the animation using the layout position as the starting point and not the scene origin. So, is it that we apply some sort of inverse transform to the model from layout to get it to scene origin, do the rigging at scene origin, then apply the transformation to get it back to layout position where we can then do our animation; or is there some better workflow?

How to save each variant as a layer to disk? March 25, 2023, 8:44 p.m.

In this setup (file attached), how can I save each variant as a layer to disk? I've tried several ways with no luck. Lots of thanks in advance!

If there is a way to do that save after the assign material LOP that would be great also.