Mocap Stream SOP

This SOP connects to motion capture software running on the local network and receives motion and/or face capture data in real time.

During the development cycle of Houdini 19, I got the opportunity to use a motion capture suit and record some moves, which I then retargeted to various characters in Houdini. Here, I will be showing the mocap kit that I used, as well as showing the general workflow of streaming mocap data into Houdini.  If you were ever curious about motion capture technology and wrangling data from capture sessions and applying it onto your characters, it is probably much more attainable than perhaps what you had thought. Today, you can even take a suit and laptop, go outdoors and capture any motions you could imagine. As a mocap-noob, this concept was simply incredible! I certainly appreciate this cool opportunity, being able to try such technology in tandem with our R&D development cycle. 

Quick Look
Xsens Awinda + MVN Animate Pro + Houdini

Awinda Starter Kit

Here is the mocap suit that I had the opportunity to use. 

Mocap Stream SOP 3rd-party Support

We currently support livestreaming data from the following list of motion capture systems:

Unreal Live Link


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