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The Bottle Generator tool allows you to generate a variety of bottle types with different tops (wine, whiskey, soda bottlecap) and configurations within 3ds Max, through the use of Houdini Engine. You can also of course, use the HDA to generate bottles within Houdini as well. Just put down the curve profile you want, and plug in into the bottle_generator HDA! There are also interior liquid fill, and bottle label with UVs options.

Grab the free download and follow along in the video to see how it works in Houdini, then hopping over to 3ds Max, and see how the bottles are made!


While I made this bottle generator to ease my own pain of making multitudes of bottles and cups, there are considerations that I didn't fit into this tool. If you have any requests or suggestions for inclusion into this tool, I would love to know it and continue to further develop it (or make others). Post in the comments below or DM me.


  • IceBar0n 2 months ago  | 

    Hello !
    Great asset !
    Please allow me to point out a slight inaccuracy =) - liquid surface contacting the walls of a bottle should be convex downwards not upwards , unless it is a mercury.
    But if it is a water, wine, beer etc. it should be convex downwards.
    This small detail is important when you need to do a photorealistic render.
    You can easily find references of this liquid properties in real life or on internet.

    Best regards !

    • ibonifacic 1 week, 5 days ago  | 

      Hello! Thank you, glad you like it.

      I am not sure I understood the comment. In my 3ds max, the asset does just that, it chamfers the edges of the liquid downwards. Could you send me a pm with a screenshot so I can adress that?

      Thank you so much :)


  • Hugo Depping 2 weeks ago  | 

    Nice tool in general, i like the "For each loop with feedback" when creating the rounding section of the bottle :) Thanks!

    • ibonifacic 1 week, 5 days ago  | 

      Glad you like it! :)

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