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This series of videos will cover an example of intended character workflow using KineFX. KineFX is a rigging and animation framework and toolset that allows you to create and edit characters all at the geometry-level. You can use special KineFX SOPs and regular stock Houdini SOPs together to edit imported characters and animation or create your own KineFX characters from scratch. We will be using an elephant rig, keyframe a quadruped animation, simulate ragdoll and apply secondary motion to give added detail to the animal "for free". Download the free rig and elephant scene file to follow along.

The Elephant in the video recording courtesy of Massimo Righi and is different from the free elephant rig included in this video series.



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  • dothanhphongla 2 years, 1 month ago  | 

    These tutorials are very in needs for me. Thanks so much

  • SWest 1 year, 10 months ago  | 

    Thank you everyone involved in this project. I've just been able to scrub through some of the videos and watch some parts, especially the rigging and the manual animation. Previously various other teaching resources provided by Sidefx have been good for getting started. This series helps to supplement the previous ones in an effective manner. I really like the format with a few quick videos and then some project files. Although some parts are very swiftly covered in the videos and I need to investigate some features myself it works for me. This approach saves a lot of valuable time (because I have too little and there is so much to learn). Furthermore, I do not have time to recreate the same rig and project myself, but only try to apply some aspects to my own rigging workflow.

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