It does not take an army of artists to make a crowd shot! This workshop is intended for generalists or small teams of versatile artists who wish to become familiar with the crowd toolset in Houdini. This three-part workshop covers the key concepts of a usual crowd workflow. Starting with rigging, we will see how to draw bones, capture a geometry and create a digital asset from our rig. Then, we will animate our character, set up agents and simulate the crowd. Finally, we will light, shade and render our scene.

Part 1 | Rigging

Part 2 | Agents & Simulation

Part 3 | Shading & Rendering


  • Dimitris Liatsos 1 year, 6 months ago  | 

    Thank Sir!

  • Rhuan 1 year, 3 months ago  | 

    Hey man!! I am enjoying the workshop but at a point in the video you said that the nulls will have rotation and translation on them but we will fix this later on (since its bad to have a rig that is not 0 with all transforms) but when you created the HDA all your nulls rotations were already 0 , i guess you skipped this when you changed to your file with all the naming. Please walk me through on how i can 0 it all out? :) Thanks alot!!

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