Learn how to embed a texture file inside your Houdini asset to avoid having to separately import said texture.

In Houdini

  1. Install and instantiate the Materials_EmbedTextureInAsset_Start.hda example in Houdini.
  2. Right-click on the node in the network editor and select Allow Editing of Contents.
  3. Right-click on the node again and select Type Properties....
  4. In the Edit Operator Type Properties window go to the Extra Files tab.
  5. At the bottom, to the right of the Filename field, click the browse button and find test_mg.jpg.
  6. Once you have the path in Filename click on Add File.
  7. Click Accept at the bottom of the Edit Operator Type Properties window.
  8. Back in the network editor, go inside the Materials_EmbedTextureInAsset1 node to the geometry (SOP) level.
  9. Click on the uvquickshade1 node.
  10. In the parameters pane, set the Texture Map parameter to opdef:..?test_img.jpg.
  11. In the top Houdini menu, click on Assets > Save Asset > Materials_EmbedTextureInAsset.

In Unity

  1. Go to Houdini Engine > Load Houdini Asset... and find your  Materials_EmbedTextureInAsset_Start.hda asset.
  2. You should see the grid with the test_img.jpg texture applied in the Scene view. No additional files are require to be imported.


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